DevDex Software Inc - Web, Mobile & DevOps Experts

DevDex Software Inc – Web, Mobile, DevOps Experts

  • Ruby on Rails Experts

  • Android / IOS Experts

  • We will be happy to help grow your business

  • High quality Back-End and Full-Stack development services

  • We deliver Zero Downtime and High Availability solutions

  • Big Data and Data Harvesting

  • We develop custom Spree and eCommerce solutions

  • We build APIs and Integrations that drive your business

  • We build ambitious web applications

How can we help you?

I need my project to be delivered

I need my project to be delivered

If you have an idea for an amazing product or a problem that requires IT solution we will be the partner that can help you. We can take on your needs and tailor something special on time and budget.

I need bigger team

I need bigger team

If you have already started development of your project and you need more brain-power we can be the partner you need. Whether you want to speed up development, outsource part of your development or ensure on time delivery - our developers will be at your service bringing years of know-how and experience to the table.

I am looking for devops experts

I am looking for devops experts

If you are satisfied with current development forces, but you need help with infrastructure or continuous delivery you can use our expertise. We have experience with containerization, automatization, migrations and setting up various environments.

For Whom?

Small and medium companies

We assist you on every step of bringing your project into existence.

Large companies

You can use expertise of our development forces. Depending on your needs we can join your team or bring your ideas to life by ourselves.


We can help you with building your MVP as well as improving your existing product. If you need help with bootstrapping your project, feature development or scaling up your solution - contact with us.


We are IT polyglots, problem solvers, samurai of the digital age able to work with the most challenging projects. We are communicative and detail oriented.

Web development
Web development
  • Web applications
  • Full-stack development:
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Elixir with Phoenix
    • Node.js
  • API design & development
  • Single Page Applications:
    • React
    • Ember.js
    • Vue.js
    • Angular
Mobile development
Mobile development
  • Native:
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Hybrid:
    • iOS, Android & Windows
      with Appcelerator Titanium
DevOps DevOps
  • Amazon Web Services & Heroku wizardry
  • Cloud environment setup for PaaS and SaaS
  • Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration
  • Deployment and configuration of server applications
  • Containerization
  • Full-stack infrastructure migrations
  • Maintenance, monitoring, alerting
  • Provisioning, orchestration and configuration management
  • IT infrastructure security
  • Tailored e-commerce solutions
  • Spree Commerce development & optimization
  • Multitenant e-commerce SaaS solutions
Big data
Big data
  • Data warehouses
  • Business intelligence
  • Data harvesting
  • Data processing
  • Back-end systems
  • NoSQL databases
Tailored IT Solutions for Business
Tailored IT Solutions for Business
  • Integrations with external systems
  • Legacy upgrade
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and ATS integrations
  • Ad-hoc expertise
    • System architecture
    • Cost reduction
    • Performance optimization

We provide e-commerce solutions and DevOps services. Our software and solutions are mobile friendly and business-oriented, we also put great attention to user experience and user-centered design (UCD). We are experienced in remote project management and team leading. We rely on proven methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban, which we use for efficient project management. Our specialists can help you deliver any challenging project or create even the most complex application, whether you are a startup or enterprise.


Our skillful team of senior engineers provide IT outsourcing services for clients based all over the world. We engage in full-stack development of web applications using Ruby on Rails, Elixir with Phoenix and Node.js, as well as development of Single Page Applications with technologies such as React, Ember.js, Vue.js, Angular. In mobile services we offer development of both native applications for iOS and Android and hybrid ones using Appcelerator Titanium.

Whether you are bootstrapping new idea or you need additional high-quality dev power - we can help you. We do turnkey projects, development outsourcing and consultancy.

We are true to Agile methodologies. We work on time & material or fixed rates. Understanding your business and achieving your goal is our focus. When talking in the terms of technical solutions, we deliver outstanding results and quality.

We strive for the comfort and care-free experience of our clients - we take care of every detail and offer elasticity when it comes to conditions and form of payments (we accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies).

First you must have a purpose
Then you must know what that purpose requires to be achieved
Then you must decide that you intend to achieve it
Then you set about achieving it
And in the process you will become focussed
And then you will be able to apply that focussing to anything

It has been called The Way of the Samurai


Business-oriented solutions

Business-oriented solutions

Show us your problem or idea. We will pick it up from there and craft solution for your needs. We can also help you with customizing existing software for new business requirements or improvement of your everyday work.

Exclusive team

Exclusive team

You are the master of the process. You can contact our team directly, anytime you need. You are the owner of code base. Our employees are working on one project at the time - our focus is concentrated on delivering results for you.

On time and budget


Your software application would be delivered in the timeline we give without compromising quality. Valuable data and sensitive information is respected and thus we provide a secure platform for all our partners application.

Lets work together

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