We are IT polyglots, problem solvers, samurai of the digital age able to work with the most challenging projects. We are communicative and detail oriented.

Our skillful team of senior engineers provide IT outsourcing services for clients based all over the world. We engage in full-stack development of web applications using Ruby on Rails, Elixir with Phoenix and Node.js, as well as development of Single Page Applications with technologies such as React, Ember.js, Vue.js, Angular.

In mobile services we offer development of both native applications for iOS and Android and hybrid ones using Ionic framework or Flutter.



Whether you are bootstrapping new idea or you need additional high-quality dev power – we can help you. We do turnkey projects, development outsourcing and consultancy.

We are true to Agile methodologies. We work on time & material or fixed rates. Understanding your business and achieving your goal is our focus. When talking in the terms of technical solutions, we deliver outstanding results and quality.

We strive for the comfort and care-free experience of our clients – we take care of every detail and offer elasticity when it comes to conditions and form of payments.


Some exciting projects we have worked on


Yarysa EMR

We are solving one of the biggest issues confronting health providers by providing transparent and a data-driven mechanism. A full transition to a digitalize sector.

We have developed a very simple to use software which is empowering hospitals quickly create medical records and automate their internal activities. dolor, suscipit in ligula a, suscipit rhoncus dui.


Are you a hospital ?»

We Are Leading The Digital Transition In Healthcare


Our ideas and how we are helping businesses grow to millions


We’ve scaled start-ups from launch to millions, and helped established players uncover new markets and revenue streams.

First you must have a purpose
Then you must know what that purpose requires to be achieved
Then you must decide that you intend to achieve it

Then you set about achieving it
And in the process you will become focussed
And then you will be able to apply that focussing to anything

It has been called The Way of the Samurai

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